Pakistan diaries #2

Loving your roots

My trip to Pakistan was truly eye opening. A part of me was really scared about how it would go. When I had gone back 4 years ago, I had been so nervous and scared the whole time. I was worried this time would be the same. I talked about these fears with a friend and they just said “go with an open mind!”

Oh boy! I have never had so much fun on a trip.


I learnt a lot of things but one of the things that truly touched me was the love. Each and every person welcomed me into their homes like I had always been a part of it, like I truly belonged there. Even though I hadn’t spoken to some of these people for years. My heart was just so full with the way people cared…

4eec17a9-ceb9-4cde-8b68-43228bac1ed5 I was ill for a lot of the trip but the way people looked after. The way my dadi (grandma) prayed for me, the way my mami (auntie) would make sure I had eaten just made me feel so special and loved.

Everyone tried to make sure that anything I wanted I could get and experience. From eating special delicacies to trying out the latest things.

It made me realise that I had become so busy in my life that I had forgotten about  whole part of me that belongs with these people.

I know I always prioritise the people well in my life but I learnt that I needed to spend more time with my Pakistani roots and I can’t wait to go back again and go on another adventure.

My message to you all is to reach out to your roots and feel the love. Its so different to anything I have ever felt. It truly felt like a home away from home <3

Until next time…


  • Khadija Bakali

    Very true now you know why l git Pakistan fever every few months they are our own people. Will go soon again insha Allah

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