Pakistan diaries #1

A whole new world

I landed in Karachi and as I walked out the airport, it was just a different world. The Disney song kept playing in my head: 

A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew

I was just taken aback by how different everything was to my life in the UK. I think the one thing that always surprises me is the traffic. There are rules yet there are no rules. How anyone ever manages to drive there, I will never understand. But it really is an experience in itself.


There is so much noise at every hour. When you get there it’s like you have to speak a million times louder to hear each other. Which is where I think I get my loudness from because as my friends say: Nabeeda, you don’t know how to whisper. I blame my Pakistani side for that.

But the weird thing is, when I came back from Pakistan the one thing I missed the most was the noise. The silence in my house was deafening compared to the loudness of the Karachi streets.


Another major thing was food. OMG the food is so fantastic out there and something that pulls me back. From Pani puris to Gola gandas. I was in food heaven as I tried everything I loved as a child. I wish I could wrap it all up and bring it here.


This trip was wonderful and I just saw Pakistan from a different side and honestly, I am already thinking about my next trip.

I would totally recommend others to plan trips to Pakistan too. By not going, you are missing out on a whole load of culture, food and love <3

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