Nobel Peace Center

As part of my trip to Oslo, one of the places I went to was the Nobel Peace Center. This place had the biggest impact on me. The stories, the fights, the campaigns, they all made me feel so emotional. I think I spent a lot of my time in there just crying as I walked through.

Now you’re thinking, is she stupid? Why was she crying?

The answer is so simple. In everyday life, in the middle of our own worries and concerns we forget one of the biggest things; the trouble and issues that others face. Being in the center, this reality hit me like a tonne of bricks as I read the stories and saw the pictures.

Noel peace center
This was one of the exhibitions, based around prisoners who had been imprisoned without a reason. The stories just left me heartbroken. My main takeaway: I need to tell the world about this.


However, what got me the most was the exhibition called ‘The body as a battlefield’. It was based around Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege’s fight against sexual violence. The exhibition showed me a reality I had forgotten about or maybe decide to block from my mind.

It talked about little babies and elderly women being brought into the rehabilitation center to be treated for sexual violence against them. Questions filled my head: Who would do that? Why would they do that? How could someone have the heart to do that? Before I knew it I was crying. As I walked around the exhibition with tears streaming down my face, I wanted to just scream in the pain that I felt for those little babies and those innocent, defenceless women.

The pictures made me feel so sick as I saw the reality of what happens in poverty and cities surrounded with terrorism or countries fighting a war. Women become target of a crime where the pain lasts forever, the scars remain years after the battles have ended.

Tell the world about us

So as you sit comfortably wherever you are and read this post, I want you to share it with the world. I want you to get the facts and see how you can support the change. How you can be part of the solution. As I continue to do my research I ask you to do yours and see the difference we can make.

For more information on the Nobel peace centre visit this website: https://www.nobelpeacecenter.org/en/

You can read all about the different exhibitions and how you can best support them.

Remember, any change big or small starts with a single step!

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