As we go through life we lose people. These people can be a big part of our lives and suddenly they are not anymore as they go on a different path to yours. This could be your best friends, your boyfriend or someone who is really special but things just don’t work out.
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But I believe not everyone one you lose is a loss. In life, you will come across many people. And everyone you meet will teach you something. Some will teach you lessons about trust, others about relationships whereas some people will come into your life so they can learn something from you. Some people will come and stay forever and others will play a small part in your life and leave. Like the friends we make in primary school, we promise to stay friends forever and plan so many things. However, when we grow up and go to different schools, we lose touch. But at that moment that friendship was the most important thing to you and made you happy. This is how life works, you lose some friends but you find new ones.
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Then we make other friends and form other relationships. Not all of these relationships last forever. Sometimes they end in ways that can be painful and bitter and we start having regrets and wishing we never met them or they never came into our lives. But what we forget is that at some point we were happy to have that person in our life and they gave us some amazing memories to live with. At times like this, we should also be thankful for the people who manage to stay. The ones who manage to be there for you in good times and bad but also are the reason that you experience some of the good times.
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Over the years I have met and made so many friends but I am not in touch with them all or even friends with them all but I don’t regret any relationship because those friends who have left have given me some special memories and good moments. When people leave, you can start feeling bitter or angry but in the long term, you just realise that everything happens for a reason and there are always new friends to be made.
Today, be thankful for the good friends in your life and forget about the people who hurt you and move on…

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