Happy New Year! When can we actually stop saying that? Is there an actual time for it? HAHA 😀

But one thing that comes with a New Year is the New Years’ resolutions. Now every year, year on year I would create these resolutions of going to the gym and eating healthily or spending less but every year I would end up failing after like the first month if not the first week.

Nabeeda disappointed in herself
My disappointment in myself

So this year when it was coming close to the end of December, I thought to myself what can I do this year? Do I really want to set myself some silly resolutions and see myself fail again? NO!

I tried to think of why I fail because I know at work I always meet my objectives. I meet deadlines and targets but resolutions just never sit right. I realised the issue was the actual resolutions I set myself.

There was never an actual goal. It was always: go to the gym or eat healthily but what does that mean. At work, I am expected to set SMART targets. Things I can achieve and I know when I have actually achieved them. So this year I have set myself SMART goals for the year. Something that will motivate me. Something I know that I am close to achieving or have achieved.

Nabeeda jumping with joy

My 2020 goals are:

  1. Go to the gym 215 times this year – this can be classes, other forms of exercise or just a good old gym session.
  2. Write at least 70 blog posts for my blog to make sure that consistency stays at some point.
  3. Create my Youtube Channel (yes, its coming guys) and post at least 15 videos on it over the year. I know how hard videos are to edit and I know how lazy I am.
  4. Participate in one 5km, one 10km, and one-half marathon this year.
  5. Travel to 10 new places this year (within the UK, Europe or the rest of the world). Anywhere I can go to explore and learn and meet new people.

Looking out and reflecting

These are the main goals but there are other professional and personal ones I am working towards. Things that will go on my vision board and things that will become part of my monthly goals.

You see goals are easy to set. But so much harder to achieve. But when you find the thing that makes you tick, the thing that drives you, you will achieve your goal. For me, it is putting numbers on my goals to make me see when they have been achieved. For others, it is the reward they will give themselves after. Whatever it is, this year don’t set yourself empty resolutions but realistic goals that you can proudly reflect upon in 2021.


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