Neapolitan Trips

The Italy trip wasn’t something I had wanted. I had planned a mixture of a Swiss and Danish trip but for once in my life, I didn’t book things in advance and ended up having to plan a whole different trip: My Italian adventure – video to follow soon.

The trip started with Napoli.

The home of Pizza and the city near the Pompeii ruins and active volcano Vesuvius. My trip included all those things: I ate loads of Pizza and visited and hiked up Vesuvius and explored the ruins. It was truly a great experience.

My Napoli trip started with the usual walk to the hostel which always scares me. As I never know what I could be getting into but this time I chose the perfect place.

Neapolitan Trips
The hostel was actually great…

The trip started with visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius. I would like to say I was well prepared for this but I really wasn’t as I booked on to a random tour in the main square, got there and realised that part of the tour would be hiking up the volcano – I don’t know what happened but the Nabeeda who plans definitely wasn’t the Nabeeda that went on this trip.

As we explored Pompeii, I realised how there was a whole civilisation there. A whole life that we just know of through archaeologists and research. As I learned the facts and figures from the tour guide, I was mind blown and the tour guide could tell as he constantly kept asking me if I was okay.

Pompeii Ruins and me

As soon as the tour finished, I was on my way to Vesuvius, a little scared but very excited to see what I would see. Even now when I close my eyes I can see the views in front of me. This magnificent beauty that caused so much damage and how close I was to it. The hike was a struggle, but that always is for me. But the view from the top and the peace and quietness was worth the struggle on a rainy and windy Neapolitan afternoon.

Next to Vesuvius

It felt like a great achievement and a big tick off my bucket list as I huffed and puffed but mostly enjoyed the sight in front of me. It was breathtaking and absolutely crazy to think that I was standing on an active volcano like WHAT?

This tired me enough though. As soon as I got back to the hostel, my head hit the pillow and I was happily sleeping the tiredness away.

The next morning, I left the hostel with no destination in mind but just adventure in my heart (super cheesy I know). But as I walked and I walked. I enjoyed the many castles and the pretty views and even struck up conversations with the locals.

So many castles to see each with its own USP. I was just amazed at the beauty this place held and the stories that I had never even heard of. As I sat up my tripod in each location very casually with people staring or laughing, I just felt so happy to be doing my own thing and making the most of the views around me.

Nabeeda in a Napolian castle

The day just passed me by as I looked at new things and explored new places. I just felt so at peace as I just walked around listening to Italian conversation and taking it all in. Now the memory is so fresh in my head. Napoli wasn’t a place I would have considered before but now it’s a place I would definitely recommend.

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