I recently did a video for students and new graduates on how they can prepare to get a job in the current job market. It showed me how many people were interested in that content and are looking for a new job in the current situation. You can check out the video on my Youtube channel.

Even with a pandemic, it isn’t all doom and gloom and it is possible to get your dream job. However, the pathway is a little different and you need to stand out, do a lot more research and understand the market a little better.

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First thing first. A lot of us are hearing that you will NEVER get a job in the current job market. That is incorrect! Companies are still recruiting, industries are still growing, you just need to identify who, what, when, where, and why?

  • Start with research – This is the most important part. You need to figure out what companies/industries are doing well and where the opportunities actually lie.
      • Use sites like LinkedIn, Reed, and other job boards to see what jobs are currently out there and see if they are actually live right now or not.
      • Look at the new and Financial articles around what industries are doing well – this will give you an idea of what companies might be growing and maybe looking for people.
      • Share prices – another way to identify companies growing is by looking at share prices. This isn’t a definitive answer but can help you see who is making money and their share prices are going up. For e.g. Zoom, Netflix, and Facebook have seen an increase in share prices. Surprise, surprise, they are currently recruiting.
  • Connect, Connect, and connect some more. It is so important to still network. Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t network and build those connections. We now have more time and so do the people we are looking to connect with so they are more likely to respond.
      • LinkedIn – this platform is for connecting so find the right people who can give you the right advice or who inspire you and see if you can book in a quick chat. If you don’t ask you don’t get. However, it is important to value their time and see if you can help them in return.
      • Virtual networking – so many companies have set up virtual networking and they can all be found on Meetup. So whatever takes your fancy, sign up, attend and learn and grow.
  • Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Get your stuff together and ready. That means your CV, your LinkedIn profile, your portfolios. Whatever it is that you send to job applications – get them ready and optimised. Ask yourself the question how will I stand out?
      • CV – this is the most important thing. It is important you update it and showcase your best work. One thing you should always have on your CV is your key achievements. What impression do you want them to have of you?
      • Use the research – the research you did earlier can help you see what the companies are looking for. So sell to that. It is important to apply yourself to the role and make the match. Make it so easy that the recruiter doesn’t even need to think whether you are fit or not.
  • Enhance, adapt, and grow. If you have more time on your hand then use it to do new courses and learn new skills that again, you can showcase on your CV. It doesn’t have to be academic. It could be something fun that you always wanted to do like photography, video editing, baking. Taking the time to learn shows initiative. So go out there and build those skills. You can use the following websites.
      • CourseEra
      • OpenEdu
      • General Assembly
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! This is so important. I know finding a job is difficult and you are tired of rejections or withdrawn offers. But it will happen. I am a big believer in reframing your mind to realise it will happen for you. Tell yourself it will happen and it will. Positive thinking is the key to success.

I hope this was useful if you have any specific questions let me know. Happy to help always!




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