View from Arc de Triomphe

Nabeeda in Paris

I recently went to Paris and I have been before but this time I explored even more and just had the most amazing time.

Aeroplane views
Views from the plane…

Paris is a mix of culture, art, and tourism. With so much to see and not enough time. I didn’t plan my time at all, for once I just went with the flow and that’s what made this trip so great.

I started off with the most popular and most important stop of Paris: Effiel Tower.

Nabeeda in front of Effiel Tower
A little me in front of the big Eiffel Tower

It has the kind of breathtaking view that you can never forget. I guess it doesn’t let you forget because anywhere you go in Paris, the Tower just follows you around. This was also the area, where you see a lot of traders selling mini Eiffel towers and other souvenirs. it is such a crazy scene as they start running away when they see the police, and if they get caught they get fined and lose their merchandise. You can’t help but feel sorry for them because I can’t even begin to imagine the struggle they must go through every day. But that is part of the Paris experience, unfortunately.

Then I walked around the beautiful streets filled with small markets and cute cafes. Each one was even better than the one before. My biggest mistake was wearing the wrong shoes, after a few hours, I could cry from the pain my feet felt. But Paris had it all under control with the cutest scooter: Wind.

Scooters in Paris
Whizzing around Paris on this was so much fun… 100% recommend!

The next day was filled with more adventures and more sightseeing starting with Notre Dame.

Notre Dame

Such a pretty sight and a very beautiful day. The weather really added to the experience, most of the day I was holding my coat in my hands because it was actually very sunny, I didn’t mind because I’d rather enjoy the sun than freeze and shiver. Walking around with no destination in mind just making the most of the day, I ended up at Pantheon.

The sight in itself was mind-blowing but the stories inside were even better. People we forgot or people that we think about buried inside the Pantheon. Stories that will forever stay.

After taking in so much and exploring so much I think my feet gave up a little because of those boots so I decided to do what I should have done on Day 1: bought some new shoes and see how happy I look.

New shoes and Nabeeda
hiding my boots in a bag behind my back

The last stop for the day was Arc de Triomphe and it was totally worth being there to watch the sunset. So much beauty all around me and the world just looked so perfect. Even now when I close my eyes I can imagine that scene.

This was enough for one day and I was ready for bed at this point.. Zzzzzzzzz

My final day in Paris was one of my favorites: the weather was good, I had amazing food and Montmartre and the area around it was just beautiful.

The journey started on the tram and then a bus and there in front of me was a crowd load of people and the Sacre Coeur (the most beautiful church)

Sacre Coeur

The area around it was buzzing with tourists and musicians. As the sun shone you could hear a mix of different music in the air and various performers trying to impress the crowds. Each different from the other but just as talented.  IMG_9746

Then the journey continued on a tram as we traveled through Montmartre and went to Pigalle and drove past the Moulin Rouge. So much to see and honestly just not enough time in the day.

Moulin Rouge
It brought back memories of my last trip to Paris, walking around Paris with my sister.

The day was coming to an end. To add to the special day there was a lot of food, from French pastries to Seafood. I couldn’t get enough of it all. I am not a big eater when it comes to holidays but this time I just ate so much that I might have gained the much talked about holiday weight.

The trip finally came to an end and I made my way back to the airport the next day – a heart filled with memories and so many stories to tell that. Honestly, if anyone mentions Paris or even if they don’t I will start telling you a story about my trip. That’s what travelling does it makes you a storyteller.

My biggest travelling trip for Paris: there is a discount for under 25s on most tourist sights so make the most of it. I got into many places for free or for a very discounted price – I was not complaining… saving that dollar or pound haha 😀

If you are thinking of going to Paris and needs some tips or tricks then let me know because I would love to tell you more about my trip.

Happy Nabeeda

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