I recently attended a job interview and one of the main question I was asked was, what is your motivation? What motivates you to keep going?

I have thought about this question A LOT in the past. What am I motivated by? Before I used to think it was success and just being able to achieve great things in life. But I am not someone who cares about being super rich or owning big houses. So clearly that was out of question.

When I really sat down and reflected upon my past achievements and what made me want to work so hard.

There was only one answer:


The smile on my mum’s face and knowing how proud she is of me. Every achievement was made possible because I wanted to make her happy.

I remember her face when I completed my skydive, when I told her I was going to get a first and when I actually graduated. The happiness just shone on her face and I knew that it was that smile that I always wanted to maintain.


As I continue to do things in life I know that every step is possible because I have the greatest motivation in my life.

When answering that interview question, I highlighted my motivation and the interviewer could see that I was so passionate because of it.

That’s the thing in life. It is so important to find what really motivates you. Deep down, what is it that will make you get up on a cold, rainy day to do what you have to do? What is it that will make you put in those extra hours?

Because one you figure that out then the rest will come to you itself.



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