I’m sitting here listening to ‘thinking out loud’ and I’m thinking back to a few months ago. I remember having a conversation with a friend and saying that I had given up on the idea of finding the one. Finding someone who I could fall madly in love with and that I would be happy with an arranged marriage in which my parents could find the guy and I would say yes because I genuinely didn’t believe I would find someone. I had given up on the idea of love and I remember my friend had said time will do its thing and I will change my mind.

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Sidenote: This isn’t me. Just letting all the Pakistanis and conservative people know who are thinking ‘BESHARAM!’ Credit; Google Images

Over the past few month, I have come a long way. From finding the idea of love unbelievable I have started believing in love again. That’s not because I have found someone or see someone as Mr. right. But I have seen how love makes the world go round. I have seen the happy old lady who cutely holds onto her husband’s arm as she struggles to walk along the road. I have now seen the girl who travelled all around the world to find the love of her life on a completely different continent and is living the dream fairytale every girl wants. I have seen two best friends fall in love and get married. I have also seen childhood sweethearts get married in the name of love and living happily ever after. I have seen all of this and more. Now, I don’t want a big fairytale but I do want a happy ending. An ending where I’m truly and completely in love with the person I’m with.

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Who doesn’t want DDLJ in their life? <3 Credit; Google Images
This may take some time and many frogs but the prince will come (she says crossing her fingers and toes and anything else that she can possibly cross). I mean Rachel and Ross ended up together after 10 years of struggles, arguments and break ups because Ross was Rachel’s lobster. And now I have all the faith that my lobster is out there and I will end up with him. I just need to have a little faith. I know Rachel and Ross aren’t real and it was just a TV show (sorry to all the friends fans who live and breathe the show). But the show had some real life stories and life like moments. To me, Rachel and Ross as annoying as they got by the end of it managed to make it happen.
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I believe as a generation we have grown up with fairy tales and Disney but our environment and surroundings force us to believe that it doesn’t exist and that we shouldn’t hold out. But it does exist and it will all happen but in its own time. Until then we just need to focus on ourselves and become the person we are destined to be. So work on yourself and believe in love and watch things fall into place. Be the person you are looking for while you wait. If you run into a frog on the way just remember that your lobster is coming 😉


  1. This is a wonderful post. I agree, you have to believe in love first and it will find you. Being in love is a wonderful feeling and everyone should have someone who loves them as much as you love. 🙂

  2. Bahaha, first of all, great reference. I LOVE FRIENDS!
    Second, I’m with you. I feel like once I stopped looking for a “soulmate,” my husband just fell into my lap.

  3. I think that one of the best things you said here is “be the person you are looking for while you wait.” That is so important! I totally believe in the law of attraction. Don’t worry girl, he’s coming 🙂

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