Are you man enough?

What does this mean? What things to come to mind when you read this? Many people would link this with a guy’s ability to fight or ability to provide for his family or lift weights in the gym.

But that is not what being a man is about. Being a man is not about all the traits the media shows us to be the ideal. A man doesn’t always have to be strong, a man definitely doesn’t need to pay for the dates and he doesn’t need to look or talk a certain way.

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We talk about the pressures girls face but we forget about the struggle that men have to go through. We act like they have no worries and no problems in the world. But that is not true.

We have created a mould and we want the men to fit in there somewhere. Without even realising that they are humans and humans don’t fit into moulds. I constantly hear the girls around me say ‘guys shouldn’t cry!’ or ‘OMG! that guy didn’t pay for the date?!

Why can’t a guy cry? they deserve the right to be able to express themselves. We tell our boys that boys don’t cry and then we moan when as men they struggle to express themselves. We can’t have it both ways.

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The reality is that men face a lot of the issues that women do. They also feel self-conscious, they struggle with body image, abuse issues and many other things that we go through.

But no one ever talks about them because guys are always told to ‘man up’.

But they shouldn’t always have to man up. They should have a platform to speak and ears to listen to their problems.

Because only when our men start opening up and expressing themselves in ways they haven’t been allowed to before, we will get equality and freedom for women too. 

I have written this post to raise awareness and maybe start a conversation about something this important. I look forward to your opinion.

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