A few days ago, I ¬†just sat on my bed and just cried and cried. Why? Well, when people look at my life, they think it is a perfect life and that I am the happiest person ever. For the most part that is true. I have been truly blessed in my life that I have amazing friends and family, I am travelling and living abroad and exploring places while ticking things off my bucket list. But that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to worry about or be sad about. There are times when I just switch off from the world and spend time alone without contacting people because I feel so lost, there are times when I am confused about life and what I am doing. Let me tell you there is nothing wrong with that.

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People often think that crying is a sign of weakness. But believe me, it really isn’t. There have been times when I have just sat in my room and cried because of things that have gone wrong in life, I have had breakdowns in Uni during exam and deadline season, I have even cried when I moved to Berlin or Spain because there were moments when I have felt so alone. But, none of those moments of sadness make me a weak person. They have made me stronger than ever, every time I cry I let it all out; the pain, the anger, the hurt and when I stop crying I am ready to take on the world and fight it all. My advice to anyone bottling up their emotions and being scared of seeming weak is to let it all flow

The issue is when we look at people we only see the good things in their life because ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. But what we don’t realise is that everyone has their own issues and problems that they don’t talk about but they are fighting with them on a daily basis. We forget how far a kind word can go at that time. There have been times when I have been down and sad and a stranger has smiled or just said something simple and that has cheered me up. That’s what we need to do. No matter how happy someone looks, they can always do with a smile and a kind word.

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Every day, try to make at least one person smile. A little kindness goes a long way. Like, Joey in Friends said there is no selfless good deed. As you make someone smile or cheer up someone you feel better yourself so even if it just for the selfish reasons… Just give someone a flower, or tell someone a joke or just send someone a message telling them how much they mean to you. Kindness doesn’t cost anything but the profits it brings are unimaginable.


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