Love Story Sunday #7

I was listening to Beautifully Unfinished by Ella Henderson and I was feeling inspired.

Do you find that songs can create feelings and just make you want to write, or is that just me?

Megi was smiling at the box of the memories she had in front of her. She still had the movie ticket from their first date, the rose he had given her on their third date, the letter he had written for her birthday, the photograph from their picnic in the park and so many other memories that Megi could spend a lifetime looking at them.

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Did Megi miss him? The answer was yes and no! You see Joey was the guy Megi thought she would end up with. The guy who she had truly loved. Even though they had broken up years back, there was a part of her that missed something about him. Their story was finished yet a little unfinished because they were so perfect for each other. Megi was thankful for all the memories Joey gave her but she knew that time had moved on.


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It was a cold rainy day. Joey and Megi were walking through the park and Megi was shivering because of the icy November wind. Just then, Joey took off his jacket and put it round Megi. Megi smiled and moved closer to Joey. She felt safe and secure with him. Just then Joey stopped, held Megi’s hand and said ‘I love you Megi!’

In that moment, Megi knew that he was the perfect guy for her. She really loved him too. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered ‘I have loved you since the day we met!’ and then held him tightly. It was the most perfect moment.

*The phone rang and Megi came back to reality*

Megi loved that memory and it was the one that always came back to her when she missed Joey. She smiled and knew that whatever it was that they had was special, but she had to move on in life. She gathered all the memories and put them away in the box and put them in the loft. She promised herself, she would never open that box of memories again.

She got dressed, did her make up and got ready to leave for her date. The first one since she had broken up with Joey about a year ago. She locked the door and as she got in the car, the song beautifully unfinished played in the background. Megi skipped the song as she knew it was time to start something new.

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Moral: We will always come across people in life who we always want to hold on to. People who give us the most amazing memories. But when they leave, its important to let them go. Some stories remain unfinished and others never begin. But don’t let past memories hold you back from creating new ones <3

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