Love story Sunday #4

Happy or Sad? Read on to find out…

Zara and Cameron were at the airport. Zara was going to Sydney for 6 months. She thought back to when she had told Cameron that she would be going away for 6 months, Cameron had looked so heartbroken. He had been supportive nonetheless. He had helped her do the shopping, packing and even helped her find the right apartment. They had been together for a year now. In that time, they had many arguments but, this would be a real test of their relationship, Zara thought to herself. She wanted to go because this job was all she had ever dreamed of but going away from Cameron was more painful that she had ever imagined.

Cameron was just looking at Zara. She looked so excited. Her face showed no sign of pain or sadness about the fact that they wouldn’t see each other for 6 months. Cameron had tried to be so strong for the past 6 months but this was too much. Seeing her leave was something he couldn’t handle. He loved her and spent so much time with her. Suddenly, he would have to get used to life without her. A tear fell out his eyes but he wiped it away quickly before Zara could notice.

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*This is the last boarding announcement for the flight going to Sydney. Can all passenger please make way to the gates*

Zara quickly hugged Cameron, kissed him on the cheek and started rushing towards her gate. She didn’t want Cameron to see her crying. As soon as she was out of his sight, she started crying like a baby. She had tried to prepare herself but it didn’t help she just wanted to be in Cameron’s arms. But, she knew she needed to do this, for herself and her future.

Cameron watched her walk away, with no care in the world. She seemed so happy but with every step Zara took, Cameron’s heart broke a little. 6 months without the most important person in his life, what would he do? He knew he would stay in touch, he would call her everyday and make sure he was there for her, no matter how far. He would make this long distance work. ‘I will make it work! I will make it work!’ he kept repeating in his head.

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But, long distance relationships have never been easy on anyone. Even with all the commitment in the world, they struggle to survive the test of not being able to see the other person.

Do you think this will work? Do you think long distance relationships work?

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