Love story Sunday #3

Can’t believe we are already on Love story number 3.

I promise this will be a happy one.

or will it?

Here goes…

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Mascara stained her face as tears rolled down. The loud music was all she needed to drown it all out; the pain, the love and the heartbreak. She didn’t want to feel anything.
She wanted to forget his words “Jenna, we will never work, there are too many differences between us.” She kept going in circles about what this meant but she just didn’t get it. Thinking about it hurt too much… she kept drinking until she blacked out.
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The next morning, Jenna couldn’t open her eyes because the light was painful to her hungover self. She just laid there in her bed unable to remember anything other than his words. Why had James said that? She was crying again. But, she forced herself out of bed and got ready. On the walk to college she thought about all the memories with James but it just hurt her more. She regretted coming to college as soon as she entered. There were too many people and it was too noisy.
She walked straight to the library where the meeting for the fundraising group she was a part of was being held. The one thing Jenna was super committed too. As she got there, Jack was the only one there and as soon as he saw her, he came up to her and just started chatting away. Jenna knew Jack always did that, as soon as he saw her he would get excited and just keep talking to her until she would leave. This time was no different. I guess that’s all she needed to drown out the voices in her head.

As Jack went on and on about the fundraiser and his ideas, Jenna just listened quietly. Jack always like looking at Jenna. As she smiled and listened thoughtfully, it made Jack want to talk more and more. Why? He didn’t even know. He just knew that being with Jenna was his happy place. Away from the worries of exams, part time jobs and any other thing that could ever get Jack down. He wished and hoped and hoped that she felt the same the same way.

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Jenna felt worse and worse everyday. Since her and James had broken up Jenna couldn’t focus on anything. Her mind just replayed his last words to her over and over. She just wanted to understand what they meant. If they were really so bad for each other then why had he led her on? Why would he do that to her? These questions made it hard for her to sleep or work or speak.

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Jack noticed that Jenna had become quieter over the past few days and he wanted to make sure she was okay. But everything he said or did, didn’t make a difference. She just gave him a nod or a fake smile and just moved away. He brought her chocolates and told her his best jokes. But nothing seemed to work. He didn’t know what had happened. But he knew he had to do something. He decided to ask her out. He knew he had liked her for a few months and he needed to build up the courage to ask her out.

Jenna’s phone buzzed. It was a message from Jack. Jack had been so supportive over the past few weeks. She thought he had looked after her and made sure she was as okay as she could be. She read the message and it said “do you want to go for a coffee?” Jenna immediately said Yes! The only time she didn’t think of James was when she was with Jack. She liked spending time with him.

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She got ready and got to the cafe and Jack was already outside waiting for her. Typical Jack, she thought, always early. They went inside and ordered coffee. They sat down and started talking and just having a laugh. Jenna noticed Jack was a little nervous like he wanted to say something that he couldn’t. Jenna asked him if he was okay but he just nodded and carried on with another conversation.

His hands were shaky and his palms a little sweaty. Jack knew he had to tell Jenna today. But he just couldn’t bring himself to. How could he tell her? What if this impacted their friendship? And without realising it came out: “Jenna, will you go on a date with me?” He felt  a sense of relief and then panic as he waited for her response.

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Jenna was a little shocked and didn’t know what to say. This was so unexpected. She had recently been dumped. But she liked spending time with Jack. All these different thoughts flooded in and Jenna had no clue what to say… Yes or no? It was like the whole cafe was silent as she heard the clock go tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… What should she say?


What do you think Jenna will say? It’s a complicated situation isn’t it? Wait till next week to hear the rest of the story <3