Love Story Sunday #10

Over the past weeks, I have written many stories covering many different relationships.

But this is my favourite love story and most importantly the longest relationship you will have in life. This is the love story of the relationship that you have with yourself <3

As I was growing up, I heard many people say how fat, dark or ugly I was. I reflected those words on myself and believed them… How silly was I? This meant that for many years I hid myself away. In friendship circles, I stayed quiet and lost. I tried so many different creams and YouTube techniques to change myself but I was forgetting I was perfect the way I was.


I remember the first time I truly loved myself was in College, I had just gotten a haircut and I was feeling myself and I looked in the mirror and felt truly myself. But you see this is not the end. Because self-love is not a destination, it is a journey and a long and complicated one.

But the biggest turning point in my journey, was my placement year. I spent so much time alone and travelling that I had no choice but to love myself haha 😀 But I came to myself and loved every little thing about myself. I learnt so much about life and most importantly, I stopped caring about other people and their opinion. That was like a weight off my shoulder because now I do what I want not what the world expects me to do. IMG_1795

But this doesn’t mean that I never doubt myself, because trust me I do. I have moments of self-doubt. There are still days when I don’t want to look in the mirror and definitely days when I don’t like the way I look. People still make me feel like I’m not good enough. But you know what I do? I just ignore the people and I ignore my self-doubting brain and carry on like the diva that I am.


Life will give you lemons and a lot of hate comments. But make lemonade with the lemons and laugh at the comments and enjoy your life <3

Moral: Love yourself. That is the best and most beautiful love story you will ever love. Self-doubt will come again and again. But you gotta fight that ish and shoot it down.