Love story #3 continued…

Jack had just asked out Jenna and she was so confused… What should she say?

Jack just kept looking at Jenna for answer, but she just looked confused. It had only been 5 minutes but it felt like centuries had passed since he had asked her. The silence between them was killing him. Why was she so quiet? And then she opened her mouth and she said…

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“Yes!” what else could she say? She had to give him a chance. He was a lovely guy and she did enjoy spending time with him. You never know he could be the right guy for her. She could see on his face how happy he was to hear this. Just seeing him smile warmed her heart. She felt like this was a decision she wouldn’t regret.

Jack couldn’t be happier. She had said yes for the date. He felt like the luckiest guy on earth. His mile couldn’t be wider. Now time started running and he walked her home and said goodbye. He planned the perfect date for the next day and he took her out, they went for a film and then food. It was the perfect evening that ended with the perfect kiss.

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Jenna was happy with the way things were going with Jack. They had been together for a month now. But, she knew she had to tell him about James. You never know when the past pops up in the present. So as she hung out with Jack that evening. She told him everything about James and what had happened, why she was so upset a couple of months back and how her heart was broken. What Jack said next, made Jenna realise she had the made the right decision by getting with him. He said “Jenna, your past is in your past. I don’t care who was your past. I am in your present and I want to be your future.” These words warmed her heart!

Soon time flew. Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months and their relationship just became more and more beautiful. Jack and Jenna were made for each other. Somehow, it had taken time for them to end up together but they really suited each other. On their first anniversary. Jack proposed and Jenna knew that ‘Yes’ was the only answer to that question.

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I finally gave you all a happy story…

I think people that are meant for each other always come together some way, no matter what obstacles they may have in the middle.

Moral of the story: Simple. Say yes to the opportunities that come your way. Don’t dwell in the past and be open to new experiences. You never know who and when you fall in love <3

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