Long distance friendships

There are many articles and blogs written about long distance relationships but I feel people forget to talk about long distance friendships. As someone who believes that friends especially girl friends are some of the most important people in a woman’s life for me, I wanted to talk about long distance friendships.

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Without sounding like a parrot… I am doing a work placement away from home in a different country which means I am far away from everyone I know. What does this mean for my friendships?

Before I moved I knew the move would effect my friendships as I would miss out on so many meet ups, special events, birthdays, and also the simple things such as late night walks. But somewhere deep down I knew my friendships would last the distance.

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Over the year, I missed out on my best friend’s birthdays, I missed out on important events my friends organised and they needed support with and mostly I missed out on our late night chats and reassuring conversations over a take away meals.


I realised my friends are absolutely the best and they came out to visit me. They made my days special even though they were far, my lowest days were lit up by phone calls or cute messages and constant encouragement and reassurance in my moments of struggle. Now we are stronger than ever…


  1. Communication is key. No matter what relationship it is, you need to stay in touch. Me and my friends were good at that. We constantly messaged or called to check in and then talk for 4 hours about useless things. The reality of true friends.

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  2. Just because you are far doesn’t mean you miss the special moments and occasions. Send a card, a present or a good wish because your friends need to know that you remember and care even if you are miles away.
  3. Stay up to date with each others life. Find out whats happening in their life and tell them about yours. When my friend came to visit me recently, I already knew a lot of her stories because we had kept in touch and that is important.

There are many other ways to make it work. But the most important thing to remember is to not let the distance impact your friendship. As I go towards the end of my placement I am confident my friendships have remained intact and that is because I put in the effort and they did too.

“Friendship is about love, trust and effort so give it your all.”

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