Let the past stay in the past…

Many times I speak to my friends and they talk about things that have happened in the past that impact the decisions they make today.

We should learn from our past but not live there.

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A lot of things happen to us over a lifetime because of different people and that is life. Learning from those experiences is important but reflecting those experiences on the new people in your life is unfair.

Recently, I was speaking to someone and they said: “I don’t trust my partner because in the past my other partners have let me down.” I was just so surprised by this.

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But this isn’t just one person saying that. Many people tend to get trust issues or don’t believe in love or relationships based on their past experiences. I think that is unfair.

Someone let you down and that is sad but that doesn’t mean everyone you ever meet will let you down. Reflecting the past mistakes of someone on a new relationship or partner is not right. The reality is everyone is different.

Honestly, the moment you let go of the past issues and problems, you open yourself up to new opportunities and people. I have been let down by many people in the past, and I might even be let down by people in the future, but that doesn’t mean I start thinking that every person I ever meet will let me down.

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Believe in the goodness of people. Always start with a clean slate. Don’t give a new person the slate covered in marks from your past. Give everyone a fresh start and see what they can show you.

As we have just started the new year, promise yourself to give a fresh start to everyone you meet. But most importantly give a fresh start to yourself. The past needs to stay in the past!

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