Do you know your love language?
Do you know what to do with your love language?

If you answered no then read on to find out more. As love languages can develop your relationship with others as well as yourself.

So let’s start with the basics, What are the five love languages:

  1. Words of affirmation – this words of appreciation, encouragement, listening actively. For e.g. saying I am proud of you or sending a note to say well done. Doing this often.
  2. Physical touch – Use of touch and body language to express love. For e.g. a hug or holding hands
  3. Receiving gifts – Thoughtful gifts doesn’t have to be expensive but a thoughtful gesture.
  4. Quality time – uninterrupted one on one time focused on that one person. E.g. going for a walk together and just focusing on each other.
  5. Acts of service – Help them out by doing something for them. Using phrases like I’ll help. For e.g. doing chores together

These are the love languages and we all fall within 1-2 and that is how we liked to be shown, love. When reading through this you might have felt like you related to one of them but you can sure by doing this test.

So what does this mean? What can you do with it?

Well, love languages work in many different ways so let’s work through them to make sure you make the most of this new-found knowledge.

  • They show how you like to be loved.

This means that whatever your love language is how you will best see love expressed to you. For e.g. my love language is words of affirmation. Which means I really like it and feel like someone truly loves me when they say things like ‘I am proud of you.’ or ‘You have done this so well’. These make me feel good.

This is important to know as I can tell a future partner, my friends and family that this is how I like to be loved. Meaning our relationship will grow because they know how I see love. It doesn’t mean the other love languages don’t work but this is the one that truly affects me.

  • This will impact how you love others.

You are likely to use your own love language on others. So I have noticed that many times with the people I love or care about I will use words of affirmations because that is my love language. So I will reflect my love language on others. Which is not bad. However, it is important to understand what other people’s love language is so you can cater to that.

For e.g., if I have a friend whose love language is Acts of Service and she is telling me all this work she is doing, and I tell her well done, I am so proud of you. She feels good but she might feel even better if I say; do you need any help? So understanding the differences can have a huge positive impact on your relationships.

  • How you love yourself.

I know it sounds cheesy but you know that by now. But your love language reflects how you should love yourself. If your love language is quality time then you need to spend some quality time with yourself focusing on just yourself – maybe have a pamper session. If its words of affirmation then using those words for yourself.

It sounds silly but it can ensure that you are feeling good internally. As we spend a lot of time loving others but forget the most important relationship; the one we have with ourselves. So it is important to look after that relationship first and foremost.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions then let me know.



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