Leading with vulnerability

As you all know I have been on a drivers for change programme and if you don’t then why haven’t you been following my blog….

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I had been on this journey for quite a few days with 80 random people. We had been talking about our ideas, goals and plans and just surface level things that don’t touch us deeply. I guess we all wanted to be open but not so much that we would become vulnerable.

Well all this changed when we had a storytelling session.

Telling the story of ourselves to a random person in the group. When I first started this exercise I just thought it would be so easy. I was laughing and smiling and joking. But as I started talking about one of the most life changing moments in my life, I started tearing up and I realised we protect ourselves from our vulnerabilities when talking to people.

As I opened up and talked about my story to the sweetest Brazilian girl. She listened so intently and when she told me my story back, it was as if she understood every emotion. She understood what made me the way I was.


Even though that was the first time I had spoken to her, I felt so connected to her. As she told me her story, I realised that even though we were completely different people from different cultures, we were now bonded through these stories.

In that moment, I realised that being vulnerable to people isn’t a bad thing. It connects you in a way that you might not connect otherwise. That doesn’t mean you open up to everyone you meet. But it does mean that you give people a chance and give yourself a chance to become open to people <3

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