Laugh at yourself

I still remember the first time someone laughed at me. It’s still quite a clear memory. It was because of the way I said a certain word. I felt so awkward and embarrassed and I just wanted the ground to open up and eat me. I couldn’t bear the thought that someone was laughing at me.

Then it happened again and again. Every time I got just as upset. Sometimes it was people I didn’t know and other times it was my friends. You see my ability to speak English was something I was always conscious about (I guess I still am a little bit) because I wasn’t born in the UK, I knew I had so much to learn. So when people laughed at me it felt like I wasn’t doing good enough.

Thinking back to it now, it wasn’t a big deal…

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But to get to the point where I felt like it wasn’t a big deal I had to make some choices. I remember I sat down one day in my room and thought to myself, why did it bother me so much that people were laughing at my English? or the way I pronounced things? Why was it such a big deal for me?

The answer was very simple: I was insecure in myself about the way I spoke. I didn’t believe in my ability and how far I had come in my journey of English.

What is the solution? What can I do to not feel that way?

Well, I could just learn to laugh at myself. You see NO ONE is perfect. I mean NO ONE! And we all have our own flaws and we need to learn to own them. My pronunciation or accent will never be perfect BUT honestly, who cares?

If I can own my flaws, then I can laugh at them. They wouldn’t impact me. Anyone could say anything and I would be okay because I know its an issue and I am perfectly happy with it.

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Learning to laugh at yourself isn’t easy. But it is important because it isn’t just about laughing and pretending it doesn’t upset you. It’s about being so comfortable in yourself that no one could say or do anything that hurts you. It’s about loving yourself enough to realise that you have flaws and realising that’s what makes you perfectly imperfect.

Today, I want you to sit down and reflect on your insecurities and remember that you are perfect the way you are. No one’s opinion matters other than your own.

Keep laughing, keep smiling and keep being you!

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