A little while back I did a post called “Log Kya Kahenge“. Which means what will people say. The reality is people will say A LOT. Whether you are white, black, pink, orange or even if you’re a kangaroo, someone will have an opinion about it and about you.

I can just imagine kangaroos talking about each other like:

“Man, his pouch is so small!”


“He doesn’t jump that high does he? something is wrong with him.”

Someone will ALWAYS have something to say. It could be about the way you look, the job you do, the way you treat others, the way you dress or the way you walk. It could be about anything but you will get advice from several people about how you should change when you might not even see a problem with yourself.

That can be annoying because it can make you feel so low about yourself. It can make you question yourself and who you are?

OMG, she hangs out with so many guys.

But remember, different people in different areas of our life will always have an opinion and always have something to say about the way we are.

We can do two things with it:

  1. we can listen to every bad thing they have to say and take it to heart and let it hurt us.
  2. Or, we can ignore the bad comments and live our best lives.

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I am not saying that if you’re a rude person stay rude. Or do things that hurt others. But, if you are just living your life and making your dreams come true then don’t let others opinion impact you.

All it will do is bring you down. Believe in yourself and appreciate the important people around you and ignore the haters.

Honestly, so many dreams remain unfulfilled because people give up because of what others had to say. Believe in the power of you and what you can achieve. The opinion of others shouldn’t slow your progress.


On the other hand, don’t be the person that talks about others either. Imagine how you would feel if someone said those thing about you.

Its easy to feel annoyed about others saying things but its important to check yourself too. When you stop caring about others it will make you a completely different person. Be so focused on yourself and your progress that you don’t have the time to talk about others.


If start by changing our behaviour, soon the world will be different. Change begins from yourself.

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  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Very true if you want to fly high ignore the unnecessary remarks of people.

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