s the self-isolation continues, some of us are bored. Others have joined TikTok (i.e me). Some are reflecting, others are learning. There are so many options because we now have all the time in the world.

Other than joining Tiktok and working on Youtube Channel, I also decided to start a course; The Science of Wellbeing offered by Yale through Coursera. Not going to lie, when I signed up I felt amazing because I have always thought about going to somewhere like Yale or Harvard. It felt like I had achieved more than Blair Waldorf (if you know, you know).

But I am writing this post as there are many different places you can go to learn and do all sorts of courses. So I thought why not list a few to help you find the one that works for you.

Coursera –  This website has a bunch of free and paid-for courses from Yale, Michigan and other top Universities. Once you have completed the courses, you can add them to your LinkedIn. So you just can’t go wrong with that. They have courses covering everything.

I am currently doing a course on ‘Wellbeing and happiness’ – it is so much fun with little quizzes and assignments and I am already showing off about the things I have learned. You can do this at your own pace – so it does require a little self-motivation but once you get into it, it is worth the time you are spending on it.

Nabeeda smiling

Open Education – Again they have a bunch of free courses ranging from Languages, Business to Psychology. So if you ever had a passion for something but didn’t get a chance to explore then this is your chance to look into it further. Again, get a badge for Linkedin.

They cover a lot of different courses. So this is a great time to invest some time in courses that you may have always wanted to do or subjects you always wanted to explore. You got this!

General Assembly– they offer tech courses that are paid. However, they also run free masterclasses covering some essential things such as creating an elevator pitch for yourself or managing your money in this current climate.

Now General assembly is one of my favourites as I spend a lot of time doing their masterclasses and I have learnt some key things which have been useful on a personal, professional and a health level too. You can participate in their long term sessions and gain a  full qualification or just do hourly sessions on topics that matter to you.

There are so many options and so many places to learn from and so many things to learn about. So if you have the time and want to take the opportunity the above 3 are my favorites and will open a lot of doors for you as these qualifications do count on CVs etc.

If you have any questions or want to find out more then send me a message.




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