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Journey to Shanghai

The trip started in London on a tube to Heathrow. I was super excited but just as nervous about what this journey would hold.

A journey longer than any I had done so much excitement and so much fun. The longest plane trip I have done alone was 3 hours so the 12 hours plane journey ahead really did worry me a little. 

As I sat on that tube it was as if the girl picked up on my nervousness and started a conversation. Now anyone who knows me knows I love talking like I LOVEEEE talking.

So talking to her made me feel at ease. As she told me about her engagement and her plans for the weekend. About her life in London. Like I was her friend. She just talked and talked and talked some more. 

I don’t know her name and I’ll never see her again but that conversation made me feel so at ease. And as I left and said goodbye to her and wished her luck for her wedding next year. In my heart, I thanked her for the calmness she passed over to me.

The world is a great place with amazing people like her we just need to be a little more open and her open and fun conversation truly did help.


Tips for long flights:

  • Box of Kalms – I took som Kalms with me as a back-up option in case I got too nervous about the travel.
  • Download movies, series, songs – whatever you fancy but have it downloaded and ready to play
  • Dress comfortably – I am not someone who wears joggers but when it comes to traveling I like to be very comfortable. I dress in layers and joggers so I can be comfy on the plane.
  • Take some snacks – plane food isn’t the best so I always take some snacks to keep me happy.

Prep tips for Shanghai:

  • Download that VPN – I got ExpressVPN. Even though I was international roaming, anytime I signed in to any Wi-fi I wasn’t able to use any of my social media apps
  • Take cash but also have cash ready on your card because you can’t use cash everywhere
  • It’s hot. Like over 35 degrees hot. So take light and airy clothes. Flared trousers, satin other soft and airy materials.
  • The jet lag will kill. So try and get into the flow of the time by avoiding sleeping in the day and so on.
  • Be ready for the traffic and the noise. I am Pakistani and that noise was just background music but its definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


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