Drivers for change

Journey to Drivers for Change

I have talked earlier about my Drivers for Change – an 11 day programme that marked the journey of learning about myself and social enterprises while making a network of new friends. The next few weeks all my posts will be focused on my journey.


The day for Drivers for Change was here and I was sooo nervous. I can’t even explain. I was just so quiet at the train station. The wait at the station felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life. So many questions ran through my mind. One main thing I kept thinking was to run back home and forget about it.

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The train arrived, I got on hoping for the best with my heart still racing and my thoughts constantly pacing.

But the next 5 minutes were going to change things…

As I found a seat and put my bag down, the guy behind me started swearing at me. He said all these racist things and rude gestures. My heart was uncontrollable and tears started to form… I didn’t know what to do. I had never been in this situation before. I felt so scared and threatened. For the first time, someone had used my skin colour against me. He carried on for what felt like a lifetime. Until…

A lady stood up and told him to move and made sure he had left the carriage. Then the rest of the women around me, comforted me and made sure I was okay. They chatted and stayed around me to make sure I was safe.

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The thing is I could have said something in that position and stood up for myself but that would have put me at even more risk. But that woman, standing up for me was what I needed when i felt so vulnerable.

This isn’t a story of the world is racist and we should be scared. This is the story of encouraging people to not just be witnesses but helping the people around them. Sometimes, no matter hoe strong we are, we don’t know how to stand up for ourselves and all we need is a little support.

RACISM EXISTS BUT SO DOES LOVE. So, next time support someone when they need it most because your words and support could change their situation.

The rest of the journey was a safe one and a smiling face greeted me at the end to make me ready for what the next 11 days held.


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