Italy trip Pt. 3 – Vatican City

No trip to Rome is complete without a trip to Vatican City. If Rome’s beauty leaves you speechless then Vatican City is breathtaking.

A country with 849 people and rich in history, every corner has a new story waiting to be learnt about. Every turn has a beautiful sight waiting to be admired. I got up bright and early to go to Vatican city because if all the hype was to be believed then I would need a lot of time to cover everything I wanted to see.

me in rome

As I got to Vatican city I splurged some money for the skip the line tour because ain’t nobody about the wait in the line for 3 hours on a hot day life. I started off with the Vatican Museum and it had some picturesque views of the city. As I walked through, all the different painting and pieces of art just made me stop and take in the beauty and the detail. But the real beauty was still waiting to be seen.

Vatican city

Have you ever had a OMG moment in your life? Like you see something and you literally just want to stand still and stare for as long as possible. Well, that is what happened when I entered the Sistine Chapel. Each fresco with its own story and the fact that you’re not allowed to take pictures meant you really took it all in just so your eyes would always have that memory. I even noticed a few tearful eyes in the room. Some places just have that effect on you.

I carried on my exploration and went to the St. Peters Basilica and that was just as beautiful. I just sat down to take everything in and realise how blessed I am for everything. The feeling you get from being a place of worship so different from all others. It makes you really contemplate and be thankful for everything you have.  I just sat there thinking about it all.

Vatican City

Then I just walked around the Vatican and took some resting breaks to breathe in the sun and capture each moment with my eyes because sometimes cameras don’t do justice to the amazing things your eyes are seeing.

As I prepared to leave, I knew I had to come back because beauty like this deserves to be seen again and again.

ROMA, you are beautiful and I am in love <3

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