Italy trip Pt. 1 – Milan

Milan, Milan, Milan. How excited I was to see the city and how let down I was. I came to Milan through Malpensa Airport: one of the many airports in the city.

But as soon as I stepped into the city, I knew it wasn’t a great start as it was raining and a rainy Milan is not what I wanted or needed after my tiring journey. After being hassled by several Umbrella sellers and the heavy rain, I managed to get to Milan Cathedral. That was a beautiful sight for sure. The detail and architecture was just breathtaking and might have been worth all the rain.

Cathedral in Milan

After exploring Milan Cathedral there was nothing to so but I persevered and carried on as I always believe that the best sights are found when you wander without a destination. Dripping with rain and feeling a little cold I stopped for lunch being thankful for the fact that I was in Milan only for one day as other than expensive brands and overpriced restaurants there was nothing to do or see.

Milan is a beautiful city but sometimes I feel that tourist locations are hyped up without any reason and that is why I was so surprised by Milan. The Cathedral was beautiful but is it worth a trip to Milan I wasn’t so sure. People always say how Milan is definitely worth a visit but if shopping is not your list then Milan shouldn’t be either.

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