When people look at me they don’t think I’m religious and they definitely don’t see me as a Muslim. A lot of that comes from the way I dress or just the way I am but that doesn’t bother me. Why? Because for me religion is a personal thing, the relationship I have with Allah shouldn’t be anyone’s business.I still struggle to pray 5 times a day and you’ll hear me complain now and then about the long fasts and I don’t wear the hijab but I still see myself as a Muslim, just one that is striving to become better.

There was a point I used to wear a hijab but I stopped wearing it because I felt like I wasn’t wearing it for the right reason and I know one day I will get there but for me, there are a few things I need to learn before I do. A lot of people will say that hijab isn’t a choice and that it isn’t a level of religiousness I need to get to and that I should wear it already. But I know as soon as I put on the hijab I will be representing my religion and I don’t think I’m ready for that. Because when I wear the hijab I will want to show the hijab in the way I act and behave and practice hijab through my mannerism and the way I dress not just wear a piece of cloth while doing everything else wrong in my life.

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People often say that how can I believe in a god when life has shown me some pretty difficult times. But those times have reconfirmed my faith because I have faced hardship but there has never been a time when Allah hasn’t provided me with the right resources to deal with it. He has given me the courage, the friends and family to deal with anything that has come my way. Islam is always associated with bad things as people use it as a scapegoat for all problems. When in reality, Islam is a religion of love and peace. In my 21 years of being a Muslim at no point have I ever read or seen something that proves that Islam is a violent religion.

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Other times I have read that I can’t be Muslim and feminist because people think Islam oppresses women. But what people don’t realise is that Islam respects and gives rights to women. It’s the patriarchal culture that takes those rights away and then uses religion as a cover-up. My religion has never oppressed me but inspired me to be a better person by loving everyone even if I’ve been hurt by them. It has taught me to deal with every problem with a smile and made me realise I will never be alone as long as I have my religion.

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I’m happy that I was born a Muslim because without my belief and faith I would be completely lost. My advice to the young people; you might be losing touch with your religion but just pray even if it is one time a day because you just need to take one step towards god and he will pull you towards the religion.

I’m a Muslim and proud.

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At this point, I would like to send out prayers for the people who were attacked in Westminister yesterday. You are all in our thoughts <3


  1. Good post! Thank you for that. I was raised with a religious catholic mom and a Muslim father. Never did they let their religion define them. They allow us to decide what faith we would like to follow. I am learning more about Islam and can’t wait to have my so many questions answered. This helps to see others who are Muslims out there and how they feel. Thank you again!

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