International Women’s day

I stand in front of the mirror.

Looking at all my blemishes and scars. Trust me I have many.
Thinking back to the times that life broke me down and every time I got back up, stronger.
Each scar is a medal for all the wars I have won in life. Each one making me more me and making me realise how powerful I am.
Every blemish on my body is what makes me different. I have cried over the scars and marks but that’s life and you deal with it all.
This women’s day, I want you all to take some time out of your busy lives and look at yourself. Look at every mark and blemish on your body. Think back to all the times you were stronger than you could have ever imagined.
Remember that you are you. And that is truly amazing! You have fought battles and won them and you are a true champion.
Today is your day! Celebrate yourself and your womanhood.
This day is for women of every colour, race and religion. We all have our own stories but each individual story is the story of what brought you here. You have survived so far and you’re going to be a champion of the future too.