Children are so innocent. The way they see the world and the bubble they live in, is so beautiful. Every time I spend time with my nephews or little cousins, I always wish they could always be that innocent with no care in the world. I just want to protect them from everything. It’s such a weird feeling I guess.4eec17a9-ceb9-4cde-8b68-43228bac1ed5

But recently I had a very interesting conversation with a 7 year old which just made me think that if we encourage and motivate kids in the right way, the future would be so bright.

So I asked this little girl; What do you want to be when you are older?

She replied: I want to be a scientist!

I was so happy to hear that so I asked her what would she like to create or achieve by being a scientist.

She innocently said: I would like to create a perfume, that gets rid of all the hatred in people’s heart. So, everyone loves each other and no one has any fights.

Just hearing her say that made me really think. What must have happened in her life to make her even think that? Honestly, in that moment I knew that this little girl has so much potential. The reality is that creating a perfume like that, is probably not possible.

But, believing in her vision and encouraging her could help her come up with other ideas that could really change the world.


We are adults now. But we need to make sure when we talk to children, we don’t shatter their dreams but encourage them and show them, we believe. The ideas might be unrealistic but we need to let them be creative.

Our education systems create a cycle where creativity is suppressed so as the family and adults around them, we need to provide an outlet for that creativity so when they become adults they can create the most amazing things.


  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Great idea and you right it is impossible to create any perfume which helps to remove the hatred from world but being adult around we should promote the ways that helps reducing hatred around the world

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