In conversation with 2014 Nabeeda

The other day I was talking to my friend and she said to me what do you think 2014 Nabeeda would think of your life now?

2014 was the year I  started University. I was a cute, quiet and a little introverted but over the 5 years things have changed so much and it made me really think. What would the 18-year-old Nabeeda think? So I sat down to reflect and asked myself some questions and here is what I found:

Are you where you thought you would be?

When I started University I didn’t think I would be where I am now. I wanted to study, do well and graduate and that was the end of that. But I did so much at University and each thing made me more open and more me. I even started traveling and exploring different places as well as making friends all around the world. Over these years I became so passionate about things I hadn’t even considered before. As I grow every day I think back to the introverted Nabeeda who stuck to her circle, to now moving around and creating new circles.

The Uprising group

Are your goals the same?

No. My goals have changed. From the girl who wanted to be a successful global marketer, I now want to be a successful writer, someone who focuses on social change, someone who makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable people. I also want to do a Ted Talk. As I write these things down, I hope future Nabeeda can fulfill these things.  But I also want future Nabeeda to know that I will love and appreciate the same even if I can’t achieve everything on this list. Because life changes and so do plans and as we grow, our plans develop too.

Goals might have changed and you might not be where you imagined but are you happy with where you are?

I really had to reflect on this question. But the simple answer is yes. Just because past Nabeeda hadn’t ever imagined any of these things doesn’t mean I am not proud of myself. I have achieved things I had only dreamt of, things I was scared of and would usually run away from. As I push myself out of my comfort zone this year over and over until I have ticked a lot of the things off my bucket list, I get closer to where I would like to go. One thing I have learned over the past 5 years is that anything is possible. Don’t limit your mind to things, just because it seems too big or out of your reach doesn’t mean it will never happen. Just envision it and think about it every day until it happens. Because it will happen and you will be surprised how all the hard work and pain paid off.

As I sat down to reflect on the past 5 years and really think about it all. I was just surprised at how different life is to how it was then. Things change and life just happens and most importantly time flies. So make the most of each day. Spend time with people you love, eat what you want and spend a little time every day working towards your goals because every little day results in big successes.

Making plans for the future


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