I’m not lucky

Many times when I get my grades or get a job, people will say to me you’re so lucky. They’ll say stuff like I worked hard too and didn’t get that grade or I applied to so many jobs and didn’t get anywhere.

And I just think one thing when someone says that to me:


You see when we say someone is lucky to have something we don’t realise the amount of hard work they have put in, to get that job or grade or car.

To get high grades, I have done so many all nighters or long library sessions so when someone says I am lucky, I just think Daymmm you don’t know how much hard work I put into this.

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Even for my placement year, when I got a placement a lot of people said you’re so lucky. They don’t know that I applied to over 100 jobs, I did several interviews and the amount of times I woke up at 3am to get to assessment centres.

The reality is when someone does well in something, we fail to see their hard work. We just think it was handed to them. But, we need to start remembering that they might have actually manage to achieve that through their effort.

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Next time, you find yourself thinking why does that person manage to get that thing and I didn’t, then maybe look at their work. See what they do and learn from it. By learning from others you grow and develop.

Once you have put in the same amount of work and effort and then you still don’t get something then, you can call that person luck. But before you have adopted their work ethic, don’t think it came to them easy.

GOOD LUCK with anything you guys are trying to achieve. Remember, hard work is the key to success not luck.