I haven’t been home in 5 months which is a pretty long time for someone who has spent most of her life with her family around her.

Home is where the heart is they say and the reality is my heart is everywhere. It’s in the streets of the cities I have visited and in the corners of the world I’m yet to explore. But even then as I stepped off the plane I was excited. Excited to go to the place I had always moaned about.

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I think I might have even shed a tear. I was more excited than I was when I stepped off the plane in Budapest or when my bus stopped at my final destination in Prague. I realised my heart might be everywhere and I might be a wanderer of the world but my soul is with the people I love and that is why this trip was more exciting than any other.
It was the excitement to be surrounded by things in a language I understood. To be greeted by a friendly face at the airport. I guess it’s always the little things. They always mean much more than you realise. It the familiarity we crave some times rather than the surprises and the unknown.
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Normally, I don’t mind being slow when getting off a plane but this 3 hour journey felt longer than any other I have made. I wanted to just rush off as soon as the plane landed.
I guess that’s what distance makes the heart grow fonder means. Because I’ve never craved home as much as this and I have never been as happy to be home as I was this time.
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  1. I haven’t been home in two years so totally understand the excitement!! Hopefully I can make it soon but flying 12hr with twin toddlers is no fun! haha

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