I think I found myself a Cheerleader

This is not the lyrics for the cheerleader song so don’t worry.

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So what is this post about?

Well, let me start with a little story. So a few backs I was in Rome (oh the memories). add image from Rome

Anyways, back to the point. I was in Rome and this random guy was trying to get my attention and I  just ignored it because I have heard enough scary stories to know not to respond to that. He kept trying to talk to me and after a while when I didn’t respond he was like ‘you’re the ugliest girl I have ever seen’.

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For some reason that comment hurt. A LOT. All I thought was why? I didn’t know the guy. I would never see him again so why was I so upset by a random comment made by a stranger?

Then it hit me. It is because we value stranger’s opinion of us a lot more than our opinion. It shouldn’t matter what people think of you. If someone thinks you’re ugly but you think you are a princess then honey, guess what? You are a princess!

You do you Boo! Be your own biggest cheerleader. You don’t need people to tell you how amazing you are you should be able to do that for yourself.

I found myself a cheerleader and IT IS ME! If you are your own biggest fan then you don’t need anyone else. Don’t go looking around for someone else to treat you right when you already got a person in the mirror ready to boost your confidence. I know you think it is cheesy but trust me the most important person we should be loving is ourselves.

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