So this post is actually about my trip to Gothenburg but does it really matter because the highlight is the fact that I saw penguins. The thing that made me so excited about this trip was that I was going to see penguins and my reaction when I saw them was enough to prove my love for them!

Penguins in gothenburg

I went away for a long weekend to Gothenburg and it was a super lovely trip.

I was a little ill so didn’t explore everything but I did a few things that made me realise I need to go back and explore more. But I also thought it would be nice to do a little post on what I did get up to.

Nabeeda smiling

I went to a food market called Lindholmen, it was so vibey! There was music, food, drinks and people selling the most creative and random things. It was just a whole different atmosphere and I didn’t expect it to be the Swedish vibe but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot to take in but it was a lot of fun.

The next day I went to a park called  Slottsskogen (extra points if you can say this right!) – this had to be the highlight of my trip because they had PENGUINS and seals and mooses (which I still think should be meese). I actually had to google to check it wasn’t actually meese haha 😀 But, this park was so cool because they all these animals were just chilling and you could take pictures and do your thang! ALSO, it was free. I mean I am not complaining…

Slottsskogen park

That’s pretty much it! Before I knew it I was sitting at the airport waiting for my plane back. Time flies when you are having fun, this was definitely true in this case. I didn’t want to leave.

Which just means I need to go back again.

Nabeeda with a fedora


  1. tangibledesignsco Reply

    Two things:
    1. Penguins are awesome.
    2. You take such great pictures!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Lindholmen sounds like a place I need to visit. 🙂

    Great post!! <3

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