I did it!

My phone rang again this time after my interview.

I was scared to answer this call because they had always been rejection calls and I couldn’t take another rejection at this point.

A little scared I answered the call and they said: congratulations Nabeeda. We absolutely loved you and would love to offer you the position. I think I stopped listening after that and just nodded along as I screamed with joy in the middle of a crowded WHSmith.

This was me in the middle of a busy WHSmith!

On my train home, I cried. I cried happy tears. I had waited so long for this day. After constant rejections I had started to question myself. I had felt my parents and peers worrying whether I would find something.  I had started to question my decision of rejecting some of the offers I had received because I had thought they weren’t a perfect fit.

Maybe I had been too choosy.

It was natural to feel like that because no matter how optimistic you are, rejections will get you down!


But that phone call made me realise it was all meant to happen in its own time. I could question myself and doubt myself all I wanted but I was destined for this and at this time.

I couldn’t be happier. It made me realise I just need to have a little more faith. Because now here I am ready to start my graduate role and it fit my timeline perfectly.

All the trials and long nights have paid off. I’m so thankful for all the blessings.

My message to you all: never give up!


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