Hustle Culture

Hustle culture. Defined as the idea of working yourself to the max professionally to achieve success. This success can be a form of promotion, more money or whatever other goals you are focused on.

I am against the idea of this culture. It puts unnecessary pressure on people to act in a certain way. As you see Snapchat stories, Instagram posts and Facebook statuses about people who work from 9am-9pm or who work a full-time job and have 3 side hustles and encourage you to do the same. That notion takes away from the idea of balance.

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Imagine a generation of people idolizing the idea of working for as many hours as you can to get success. But the reality you will never get to the optimum success. Once you get one promotion, then you will want another and another. Until you are completely burned out and can’t do it anymore. Will it be worth it then?

I am not saying don’t work hard. I would never suggest that. Work hard. Go to work and give them your best self. But leave work and enjoy time with your friends, family and loved ones or just spend time doing things you love.

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The reality is life is short. You can spend it running after these things or actually spend time doing things you love with people you love.

If you see someone posting about the hustle culture and it seems like fun, as they attend meetings or leave their office at 10pm don’t look at that and think man, I need to do that. There is a whole side you don’t see. Social media doesn’t show you the imperfections, the hard times, the struggles or the pain. it shows you the life through rose coloured glasses and we all believe it and think this is how life should be lived.


Going to work, starting a business or focusing on self-development is great and I am 100% all for that. But don’t think just because you work 9-5 or just because you only run a small business, you are not doing enough. You are doing all that you can. It is not worth losing yourself over this idealistic viewpoint of success and hustle.

I used to look at those things and think this is great. I should be doing more. But really you should only be doing things you want and actually enjoying life alongside. Before you know life will have passed you.

Unfollow those insta accounts that make you feel guilty for not doing enough, block those snapchat stories that encourage this unhealthy lifestyle. Believe in your dreams, follow your path. Enjoy some alone time. Spend time with family. Go out with friends. Life passes in the blink of an eye and at the end, you don’t remember all the money you earned but all the beautiful memories you created.

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