About My Blog

World of Nabeeda started whilst I was on my placement year in Berlin in 2016. I remember clearly my landlady at that time said to me that I had a way with words and that I should consider blogging. As I had some time on my hands and a passion for writing, World of Nabeeda was born.

I love story telling and talking about different experiences and this blog became the perfect outlet for that.

In 2018 I graduated and joined the world of work… fun fun fun. NOT! Adulting started kicking my ass but I realised that’s another thing I could blog about.

So what exactly is World of Nabeeda about? I wish there was a simple answer to that question. But this blog is my journey through life – the adventures, the experiences, the lesson and the things I’m passionate about changing.

Why not join my journey as I cover anything from how to get a job and manage to keep it to the best pizza in Milan.