Hold up… 2019.

2019 is here. Time has flown. But I want to set myself some resolutions for this year. Something to look back at the end of the year and see what I managed to achieve. Something to make this year my own.

Nabeeda on the phone
Me, writing down my New Years resolution before the year starts.
  1. Travel. Travel and travel some more. Travelling is my happy space and it just keeps me going motivated in the other areas of my life. I feel so excited as I explore a new part of the world and just learn more about myself and the world.Nabeeda looking around
  2. Focus on my career; this is a hard one because I’m still just in the starting phase of what I’m doing but I want to focus and figure it all out. It doesn’t mean I want to be on my end goal but I want to be on the right path to achieve my dream job.
  3. Read more. I always enjoyed reading but University got the worst of me as textbooks replaced my general reading. But, now with a little more time on my hand and fewer textbooks, I would like to focus on reading more. Nabeeda reading
  4. Grow my blog. Specifically get to 1000 followers. This year I will hit 2 years of blogging and I want to set myself some goals to encourage me to stay a little focused and get my blog somewhere.
  5. Save. I suck at saving money. I actually suck. Mostly because of goal number one but also because I just enjoy going out for meals and just shopping. But I know I need to adult properly and save some dollar so I can get some real things like I don’t even know haha 😀

    me being weird
    Saving money, what’s that?
  6.  Learn a new skill. I don’t know what that skill will be but it could be a language or something else but I want to learn something new and exciting. That I can look back over and be proud of.
  7. The most important one… Enjoy my year. With my family and friends and just everyone who matters to me. Life is too short to miss out on amazing moments with the people you love.​Nabeeda graduating

​That’s my resolutions for the year… What are some of your resolutions for 2019?



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