Madrid isn’t just a beautiful city that you should visit for the beautiful pictures you can take but it is rich in History. I recently went to Madrid and I wasn’t expecting much but I learnt a lot. Every trip I go on teaches me something about life in one way or another. Sometimes I learn just about things I enjoy and other times its real life lessons. Madrid had a similar effect on me.

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So, as usual, I got to the city and checked into my hostel. Explored and looked around and managed to get some awesome picture for the blog and my personal Instagram. I really enjoy just walking around a city and taking in everything it has to offer so I spent a lot of time doing just that. 

On the 2nd day,  I took a free walking tour and the guide; Pablo told me some interesting stories. He was telling us about how Spain used to be a country with religious freedom at a time when no country allowed it and people of different religion and cultures came to live in Spain. This was fascinating to me because I am all for the idea of diversity and mixing cultures. He then went to talk about the traditional Spanish dance Flamenco. He said that Flamenco was a mix of different cultures put together to create a dance. It had taken the music and the sound from the Arabs, the dance was copied from Indian dance forms and the clothing was copied from the Gipsies and that was the dance that represents Spain. He said ‘being able to use different cultures in a good way can lead to economical and cultural development’.

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This was an amazing lesson to learn, not just for the leaders of countries but for us on a personal level.  We need to be work with people from different religions, cultures and background because the diversity can create beautiful things. Every time you meet someone from a different background to yours, learn something new from them.

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