I am in my final year of University and I am nearly done and hopefully will be graduating soon WOOHOO 😀

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But before graduation, comes the much dreaded results day… That is something I don’t want to think about. Just the thought makes me sooo nervous.

I have done well in every other year of Uni, getting a first pretty much every year so I definitely wanted to get a first this year. It was one of my goals for this year. 

I was determined to achieve it!


So when the year started, I worked hard from day one. I stayed on top of my notes and completed my coursework 3 weeks in advance… I think I deserve a round of applause just for that. Just saying haha 😀

But some of my grades didn’t reflect my hard work. So second term, I started working even harder if that was even possible. This was the point when I became obsessed with my grades, literally obsessed! Everyday, I would calculate what I needed to get to achieve a first, using different projected marks.

I kept setting myself extremely high standards and killing myself to achieve them. I met my lecturers every week, did so many all nighters and spent pretty much everyday in the library, months before exams had even started.

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Even during my second exam season, I just kept calculating my results and what I needed to get and it was just too much pressure on myself. So when one of my grades was released, and it was lower than expected I was really upset. It had ruined my whole plan to get a first. I needed to adjust my numbers and somehow change something. I felt so out of control.

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Then, I had a conversation with my friend and he made me realise something I had forgotten in this race to get a 1st. He made me realise that I had done everything I could, I had put in all the hard work so even then if I didn’t get a 1st then thats that, I couldn’t do anything more.

Also, not getting a 1st isn’t the end of the world. My university life is filled with amazing experiences that will make me a well rounded graduate than just getting a 1st. I still haven’t got my results and maybe I could still get a 1st.

But this whole experience made me realise, it is quite easy to become obsessed with grades and achieving the highest mark. But thats not good. You should focus on doing your best rather than pressurising yourself and pushing yourself more than you can take to achieve unrealistic expectations.

Honestly, do your best and the best will come to you!

Good luck to you all out there sitting your exams, I am sure we will all do well and achieve the results we have worked for.

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