At the start of the year, I was in Gothenburg and it was a trip like any other but it was different at the same time. I have been to Gothenburg quite a few times and mostly to see friends so I have always done what they recommend. Or whatever their plans are. When I travel alone, I plan everything and ensure I get to see everything. But when I am travelling to see people, I leave that to them or just see what happens.

However, this time when I went to G’town (as I like to call it), I was going to be alone for a couple of days. So I decided to plan and reach out to some new people through Facebook Groups. It made me realise I hadn’t seen much at all until that trip to G’town. This time, I went to places I didn’t even know existed there. I explored and learned about the city and most importantly I made a new friend.

Dina and me

Now you are probably thinking why am I telling you this? Okay yeah I went to G’town and I have been several times before but so what?

Well, it’s pretty simple. When we have been to a place many times we assume we have seen it all. But the reality there is always more. More to be seen, more to be explored and more to be experienced. That is what I learned from this trip. As I enjoyed so many different places, I realised I wasn’t even done, I would have to go back again.

What made it more special was this new friend I met along my journey. She told me about her experiences and her favourite places to go to. It was like I was seeing G’town from her eyes and that is always a great experience. Seeing someone else’s perspective.

Life literally is that simple. Anytime you feel like you are bored or there is nothing to do or see in your city, try and see it from a new perspective. Maybe meet someone new who can show you their adventures…

The world is a beautiful place, we just need to open our eyes and clean our glasses and see what is on offer.


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  1. speakingmindofkhadija Reply

    Very true l agree there is always something left to see and experience no matter what relationships places or things every time you explore you find a bit new aspect of that

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