Games, games, games.

Now for all of you who clicked on this to read about video games or board games then please click away. Because this post isn’t even closely related to those games. I am telling you just click away.  If you are clicking away anyway then you might as well look at my other posts here.

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For those of you who are actually interested in what I’m going to talk about or just want to know what other games there are: stick around.
Well… I’m talking about the games we play in our social lives; I can’t text him straight away if he took two hours to text, I can’t text her for another two days or I can’t use this emoji because it shows I care. Ring any bells? We have all done this at some point or other in a stupid attempt to look cool or to show we don’t care.
Damn! What has happened to our generation? If our parents did this then half of you wouldn’t be here.
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I would still be here because I’m Pakistani and my parents had an arranged marriage so no matter what games they played the end would always be Qubool hai! 
But seriously why do we play so many games in relationships that should be simple.
If you want to message him then message him stop thinking about those stupid rules that have been created to complicate things that shouldn’t be so hard.
Like someone? Tell them because we haven’t made enough scientific advancement to mind read (Thank god for that because no one needs to know what goes on in my mind).
I know you’re thinking it’s not that easy to tell people you like them but it is a lot easier than sending confusing messages and mixed signals.
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It’s normal to read into every message and every word of a text… trust me I have been there but it’s simpler to communicate and get it all out. Don’t play games and string people along when you have no interest. Just be clear with what you want because there is nothing more attractive than that.
Playing mind games in relationships can only lead to defeat and more confusion. Be clear and let it all out and see what happens… (Let me know too).
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