Let’s go back to the start…

Let’s go back to the start…

I have always thought the beginning of the story is always important to understand the characters and what makes them the way they are. So, where is my beginning?

Well, everyone’s beginning is the day they are born and so was mine. But the real life changing point was when I was told my mum was ill. A little girl oblivious to all the bad things in the world was told her mother had cancer. At that age, I didn’t even know what the word meant but I knew it was bad news. Even today, when I think back to that day my heart breaks a little and I get a tear in my eye. But soon after I was told this, things were changing all over the place as I moved with my family to the UK. I couldn’t speak the language and I was unfamiliar to the place, my world had changed forever and honestly, if I could go back I would go and tell that 9-year-old to not worry as things would get better, not just better but be totally awesome.

I started school with limited English and I was bullied for my inability to speak. I went from being the girl who never stopped talking to the girl who couldn’t talk because she didn’t know the language and that was painful. But in those times I learnt that you should always value people even if they are different from you and that was a life lesson I never forgot. But things change, like they always do. Like they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel; that was true as my mum got better and that what all I needed to keep going even in those difficult times at school.

Over the years I have exceled at English and all of my other subjects; I have made amazing friends and created lasting relationships.  My hard work and determination to do well and make my mum proud has pushed me at every point when I was about to give up.

This is my beginning and it is important to me because I think somewhere in those troubled times I started writing, first just to express myself but then to talk about other issues that I was dealing with. Even today, I think back to those bad and difficult days because they keep me humble. As people, we always know the worst can happen but we never think it can happen to us but by thinking back to the bad times occasionally, I remember how blessed I am but also how things can change in a moment and that we should appreciate everything and everyone in our lives. As life is composition of good and bad and you never know what’s round the corner.

So stay humble and appreciate all the amazing people who have been there since the beginning.

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