Find the courage – DfC

I remember walking into the room on the first day shaken by the train journey. I was so scared and nervous, but I was glad to have a friendly face waiting for me.

She gave me the biggest hug and for a second I felt comfortable but the thought of meeting the 80 other people loomed over me.

My comfort zone in DfC was with this girl <3

I knew she was my comfort zone but we promised each other that we wouldn’t rely on each other and do our own thing. So I knew I had to step out my comfort zone and take the step towards the unknown.


As everyone started arriving, I had to find the courage to walk up to people and just speak to them. Its funny to look back now, because I am good friends with them all. But at that point, I felt so nervous because they were all strangers to me.

But I found my courage and went up to people and introduced myself, trying to fake it till I made it. But the amazing thing was that everyone was so welcoming and open. That is one reason drivers for change is so awesome, it brought together a bunch of amazing and like-minded people.

Coach A 1 (1).JPG

I found it hard to have my first few conversations but by the end of the night I had spoken to so many people that I had even surprised myself.

It made me realise the hard part is having the courage to take that first step. Once you take the first step the rest will start falling into places.

This journey taught me A LOT of things but one of the main things I learnt is to find the courage within you to do the things that you really care about.


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