Final year: expectations v/s reality

Oh final year… how you have crept up on me?!

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Final year, what I expected and whats happening are just two different things. All I can think is when will it be over.

  • Expectation: Final year will be hard but I have spent the past few months preparing for it so I am going to ace this year.
  • Reality: Several breakdowns and loads of chocolate consumption later I realised you can’t be prepared for final year. EVER.

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  • Expectation: It’s final year, so I will do a lot of things to make the most of my final year at University and make memories.
  • Reality: Memories? more like memorise all the lecture slides for that exam.

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  • Expectation: I have been a student for so many years now, I will write essays and be creative with my work because I am sure my lecturers will appreciate creativity.
  • Reality: Lecturers don’t want you to be creative and don’t you dare add your opinion to the work. No matter how many years you have been studying for it can’t be possible that you know things by yourself. Keep referencing my final year friends.
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  • Expectation: I have been on placement year, I will easily get a grad job with my experience.
  • Reality: Several rejections later… Nothing will make getting a graduate job easy. Unless you have 34 years of experience, 3 degrees, are ready to work full time for no pay then you might get a job.

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But honestly, as much as I want it to be over, I know I will miss it. I will miss the people probably not the deadlines. As hard as it might be to make the most of it, definitely make the most of it because University life doesn’t come again 😉

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