Embarrassing stories

I was just sitting down and chilling the other day when I thought about some of my embarrassing stories and I thought why not let them out, so here goes:

The PINK hair – Quarter life crisis

So I was in my second year of University when I wanted to change things up with my hair and just mix it up a little bit. So I went to the hairdressers (my mistake that I went to a completely new one for such a drastic change). Anyways, I explained to her that I wanted a burgundy shade in my hair and a little shorter than it was now.

She spent ages and ages on it and I just had my glasses off and I was just relaxing. Then what felt like 20 hours, later she was done. When I put my glasses and looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t even recognise the girl staring back at me.  My hair was all PINK! I just thanked the hairdresser and ran out of the salon because I didn’t even know how to react.

Pink hair Nabeeda
This picture doesn’t show how pink my hair was…

I went to the library after to do some work and just show my friends what had happened to my hair. As I walked in, I noticed my group of friends on a table right near the entrance. As I approached them, they couldn’t stop laughing.

I didn’t even know what to say. My friends made so many jokes about me having a quarter life crisis to me being a rock chick. Honestly, as embarassing, as it was, I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

Moral: Never go to a new hairdresser for major hair changes and make sure you explain properly what you want to be done to your hair.

Tripped on the snow 7 times…

This was when I was in school. Now many people know I’m quite a clumsy person, always tripping up and breaking and dropping things.
But this time, I surprised even myself. It was a cold day after a long day of snow. I was on my way home with my friends and slowly started walking trying my best to be careful. One step at a time to avoid tripping and slipping.
But within 5 minutes I tripped once and then twice. My friends were sympathetic and pulled me up and asked if I was okay. I thought to myself, such good friends.
But after that, I kept tripping. After the 4th fall, my friends couldn’t help but just laugh and make jokes about it. I mean I guess I would have done the same at that point.
7 trips later, I was cold, in pain and so embarrassed – how does one manage to fall so many times in one 20 minute trip home.  Only I could make that happen.

Moral: Wear snow friendly shoes!

If you had fun reading these embarrassing stories then let me know. As I have many in my 22 years… (the worst part about writing this post was that I struggle to spell the word embarrassing correctly!)


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