Dublin for the day

I can already tell this year is going to be filled with fun adventures and various trips.

I went to Dublin with my best friend for a spontaneous trip and it was everything I wanted plus more…I say a day I actually went for 2 but it was the most amazing trip. There’ something amazing about travelling with your best friend.Image result for excited friends gif

Me and my best friend both knew we wanted to do as many things as possible in the little time we had.

Here are the things we covered and the amazing memories we made:

  1. Spire of Dublin: This was the centre point for us. It was close to our hostels and it had all the restaurants around it and our sightseeing bus left from there too. It was crowded but that added to the beauty of the place. The hustle and bustle of the people was lovely to look at.
    Just before this picture, I thought I had lost my phone.


  2. Ha’penny bridge: This was a cute little bridge. Dublin had many bridges but this one was special. On a cold, windy day it was a little hard to stand there. But I managed to take some pictures for you guys and of course for the gram haha πŸ˜€

    My outfit choices were questionable. I don’t know where I think I was going!
  3. Oscar Wilde statue: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. As part of the tour, we managed to stop by his statue and a cute little park. Honestly, I was freezing but it was worth it. It had many of Oscar Wilde’s famous quotes along with some quotes written by strangers. I always like a personal touch in places. IMG_3023
  4. Trinity college: This place was beautiful and as someone who is a student, I just wanted to stay there forever. Such a magnificent campus with people going to their lectures. Majestic buildings and amazing resources. All I could think was why don’t I go here?IMG_3012
  5. Hulk: I went to the Disney store in Dublin and it was 2 floors. With everything your disney loving heart could imagine. I got to hug hulk or just touch him haha πŸ˜€WhatsApp Image 2018-01-19 at 19.20.31 (1).jpeg
  6. Gardens and parks: Dublin is gifted with natural beauties. there were so many amazing parks. I didn’t choose the best time to go but the parks were still beautiful. A must see if you are planning a trip. IMG_3038

I loved Dublin. I honestly thought about not coming back but then I missed my family so you know. But I will definitely be going back. All of you should plan a trip too. This trip also made me realise that I am the happiest when travelling… even if it is only for a day or two.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-19 at 19.20.32.jpeg
Look at my happy face!

Dublin had some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Even the cold didn’t matter because it was such an amazing trip. If you are planning on going to Dublin, drop me a message and I can give you some hints and tips <3

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