Do grades matter?

It’s that time of the year again where it is all about exams, coursework, grades and of course results day. Where everyone tells you that nothing matters more than the grade you get on that sheet of paper. That your fate will be decided by the number or letter that appears at the end of that.

But let me tell you a secret…

That’s not true.

A grade. A letter or a number can never define you.

Nabeeda enjoying the view

Let me tell you a story.

Results day came and I had a 1st. Oh, happy days but guess what I didn’t have?

A graduate scheme. A job lined up or any plans. However, my friends who had 2:1s or even 2:2s had jobs lined up. That day it made me realise, there is unnecessary pressure on these stupid grades/numbers.

They will never define your destiny or where you will end up.  Where you end up is based on your decisions, efforts and the path you choose to take.

So stop beating yourself up about it and actually enjoy your carefree summer days. Because now I don’t miss the days I spent worrying about the results but the memories I made in the summer leading up to graduation with my friends and family.


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